Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saints Cookies

At long last, the latest edition of New Orleans Saints cookies has arrived!!! This is my version for the upcoming football season.  I was inspired to make the LA shaped cookie with "Believe Dat" by a sticker I saw while Googling one day after the Superbowl win.  Saved it, and thought I might use it one day...... that day has arrived. 

It pays tribute to the long suffering fans of the "Who Dat Nation" who have endured untold misery for far too long.  It took one special coach, who learned very quickly the incredible bond between his team and the city of New Orleans and the surrounding gulf coast area, to bring in one special quarterback, who, like the city of New Orleans and the gulf coast region, had to find untold strength from deep within, to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, to comeback from despair, destruction, and defeat, who together, understood the magnitude of the task the two of them had before them.  It didn't take long for Sean Peyton and Drew Brees to realize that they were not here for the sole purpose of resurrecting a woeful excuse of an NFL franchise.  No, they realized early on that they were being called to rebuild more than just a football team. The coach, his quarterback, and the whole New Orleans Saints team and organization, took the city, the region, its fans, and everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina upon their shoulders, and carried them along as they all rebuilt, together, to come back stronger, more determined, and more confident in their ability to overcome adversity. 

This year's edition of Saints cookies is dedicated to the Who Dat Nation, who've had to endure for sooooo long a miserable football team, and a crippling blow from a storm named Katrina.  It finally happened .... SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!
To those who said it would never happen.....BELIEVE DAT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach Themed Wedding Sampler

I was contacted by a future bride through my Etsy store and asked to design some wedding cookies for her beach themed wedding.  These are sample designs based on her wedding colors and theme.

Pink Zebra Print Floral Bouquet

This bouquet was a request for a "get well soon" for  a young cheerleader recovering from a shoulder injury.

It got a big "COOOOOL" from my 10 year old daughter.  I guess that age is
into the animal print thing.

Night Out Against Crime

In celebration of National Night Out Against Crime, I made 2 trays of cookies for our local community's annual celebration.

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