Monday, September 20, 2010

Bowling, Birthdays, 4-H, Fraternus

I've been busily making cookies as of late, and hadn't realized that it's been since
August since I last posted anything. Sorry, to my followers! 
Some of what I've done are repeats of previous posts.  So instead of posting something you've already seen, I'll just post those cookies that are new to my blog.

So here's new stuff since the last post:

Cookies with a girly theme for Cassie's birthday.

A birthday bouquet for my daughter's best friend, Carly.  Carly likes playing soccer and swims on a local team during the summer.  I did the little figures with edible markers on top of basecoat of white icing.

A birthday platter for Emily, with a theme of pink and black zebra print.  I got inspiration for these from an icredibly talented and  sweet cookie decorator friend from Texas....SweetSugarBelle.  Check out her totally awesome creations.  She is as prolific a cookie decorator as you will ever find.  There is no end to her creativity and she makes tray after tray of incredible cookies every week.  And she's a one woman show!! 

My neighbor's daughter was in a run-off for president of her school 4-H club.  She asked me to help her write a speech to convince her fellow members to elect her as president.  Having made several cookies for her before, she also asked me to make some small clovers to give to the  voters on election day.  I decided to print the 4-H logo onto edible image sheets, and make the cookies that way.  They were a hit!  One kid asked her for a dozen more!  Nothing like buying a vote by way of the stomach.  And they worked!!  She was elected president.  My son was also selected as 4-H president at his school.  No campaign/election process there, so no cookies were needed. He was appointed by an officer selection committee after writing a couple of paragraphs as to why he should be chosen.  He originally applied for the position of club reporter, but was appointed head of the whole thing!!  I was very proud of his accomplishment!  Congratulations Damian and Cassie!!  Two 4-H presidents in the same neighborhood!!  Here are the cookies that "sweetened" the vote in Cassie's favor.

I was on a roll with the edible image thing and used it for a repeat performance when asked to prepare a little sweet something for my son's challenge ceremony reception for Fraternus.  If you've never heard of Fraternus, you're not alone.  There are only 5 chapters of Fraternus in the whole country, and our chapter here in Louisiana, is in it's infancy.  What is Fraternus:

FRATERNUS mentors boys into virtuous Catholic men. Weekly meetings, outdoor excursions, discipleship groups and summer camp are designed to engage the masculine heart and build virtue.

Pretty simple mission statement, but so profound a challenge in a world in which we live today.
It's pretty incredible to have one of these chapters in our small community here in SE LA.  My son is totally enjoying it and looks forward to frat night every Sunday evening.  Check out their site for more info:   
These are the cookies I made for the reception.

These were a request for a college student who is on the bowling team at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA.  These were pretty fun to make.  I especially like the way the marbling technique came out on the bowling balls.

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