Friday, February 18, 2011

The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen.....Gourmet Food Decorating Pens, that is, from AmeriColor.  If you've never used these little tubes of wonder, you don't know what you're missing....especially if your cookie project calls for fine detail.

Sometimes it's the only thing that will do the job when the detailing is what's going to make the cookie.  I rely on my decorating pens often......especially the black.  In fact, I own 3 of the black pens.  The other pens are very colorful, but really, the majority of the time details just scream for BLACK.  I guess that's why you can get black in a 2 pack....for me, it's the most used of all the colors.   And, it's just like using a marker.

My decorating pens were indispensable on this project!!  The same effect would not have been as effective with a piping bag.....even with a #1 tip.

I used red and pink on the cat's mouth.  Much easier and more precise than piping the color in.

You can find Americolor Food Decorating Pens at Karen's Cookies  in the 10 color pack, and the 2 pack of black
Give 'em a try if you've never used them before.  You'll be surprised at all the things you can do with them. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secret Cookie Swap Part 2

OK, so the cat's out of the bag.....but I don't think it was in for very long!!
I knew who sent my cookies when I first opened them up.  There was only so many participants from CANADA....and only 1 who sends cute little notes on a precious panda card.  Yes, my wonderful queen was the fabulously talented Nancy of 'Sweet Pudgy Panda'.

Please go and visit her unbelievable creations. Here are the links to her fb page and her flickr photostream:

I had the pleasure of designing cookies for the ultra talented Kim, aka Sugar on flickr, who has such a unique style of decorating cookies that is completely her own.  She uses buttercream, as in cake buttercream, to decorate her unbelievable cookie creations.
You just have to go to her flickr photostream and have a look for yourself.....then you'll know why I felt a tad bit intimidated making cookies for her.

I'm glad I decided at the final hour to participate in the swap because it gave me the motivation to design these, which I had been putting off.  These are the cookies I sent to Kim, who , by the way, is from Colorado........So, I know 'dare ain't no Mardi Gras over dare, cher'. (It's not misspelled, that's Cajun for There isn't any Mardi Gras over there, cher(is a term of endearment pronounced sh-a [a makes the short a sound]).
So besides cookies, I sent her some background info on Mardi Gras traditions and the meaning behind the cookies, and of course I sent her some Mardi Gras beads!

And a close up......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secret Cookie Queen Cookie Swap

That's a mouthful in the title of this post! 

Once again, the Cookie Queens cookie group on flickr conducted a 'secret' cookie swap.  Each 'queen', who wanted to participate, submitted their name to the pool of willing participants.  One of our wonderful group administrators, Asya, took it upon herself to coordinate the secret swap.  Once we received our fellow queen's name and address, the rest was up to us......choosing a design.......bakin', makin', and shippin' 'em off to our queen.  I can't yet say who I sent my cookies to....because everyone hasn't received their cookies.  Nor, can I post the cookies I sent to my queen.....not until everyone is on the receiving end of these little treasures.
It's a fun thing to do.  Although, it can be a little stressful and intimidating making and designing for one of your peers.  Always, the self-doubt creeps in....will it be good enough for my queen.....especially the one I had to decorate for!!

Late yesterday afternoon, I was the lucky recipient of these little masterpieces from the queen who baked and decorated just FOR ME!!

She sent a sweet little note telling me to be sure and eat them.  Say, what???!!!  They are way too cute to do that!  I think I'll just admire them for now!  My kids want to have at them, though!  They don't seem to have a problem gobbling up custom decorated cookies that take hours to design, bake, and decorate!

Here's my booty..........

And the super cute packaging they came in...

They're so cute, they deserve a close up.....

I'll post the cookies I sent to my Cookie Queen once everyone has received their little masterpieces!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I managed to post.....too long, actually!  Life's been, school functions, basketball games,  illnesses, a broken arm (not me, my 4 yr. old),  and cookies, cookies, and more cookies.  Lots of them are repeats of designs I've done before, so I won't post all of them again.

Remember the batch of dough that yielded 100 cookies?  This set of baby shower cookies, 30 in all, was from that batch.....

Plus I made another set of 30 from that same batch. I love that new can handle a double batch of cookie dough with no problems at all!

Here's more....not from that batch of 100 cookies, though!

For a wedding......

 I've discovered a love affair with opal sanding sugar.
I love that goes with ANY color of icing.  I used a lot of it on this wedding set, although it doesn't show up too well in the photos. 

.....a baby shower

and birthday party favors.

You may have noticed that I added a subcription box to my sidebar for any of you who want to have post updates delivered to you email.
Next post, I'll tell you about that other late Christmas present.....

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