Monday, May 31, 2010

Message to BP & the President

Not the best of photos or designs, but it is intended to get the message across.

Having spent all of my life along the Louisiana gulf coast, I have enjoyed countless hours, days, .....years enjoying the fruits of the Gulf of Mexico - be it fishing, eating the seafood, or enjoying the sand and surf - and appreciating the beautiful variety of wildlife that inhabits the land and sea. Having to watch the current devastation taking place in the gulf and along our coast, and the destruction of everything that I hold so dear, is both heartbreaking and personal. As a child, my summers were spent enjoying all that the gulf and the surrounding beaches and marsh so abundantly gave to us. As an adult, I continue to love all of those things associated with living near the coast, and have instilled that love and appreciation into my children. Their summers too, revolve around going to the beach, fishing, crabbing, going shrimping, and enjoying those things that I did in my childhood. To know that this summer, and untold others, will not involve those things that are so much a part of our culture and way of life is unimagineable, and brings much sadness. Not knowing how, or when, this horrific assault on our marshes, beaches, and for many, their livelihoods, will be corrected is sickening. All one can do is put it in the hands of our Creator, and hope that He will be merciful in healing all that ails our world. Please pray that those involved with stopping this leak, and cleaning up the mess, will find the wisdom and knowledge to do so.

Brooklyn's Recital Bouquet and Flower Favors

These were ordered for a little girl's dance recital.  She was selected as the "Covergirl" for the recital program.  These were done in pink, white and purple.  Purple is not too photogenic!  It always appears as blue.

These were cookie favors for Brooklyn's sister, and another participant in the recital.  Congratulations girls, hope everything went well.

Graduation Cookies

Graduation cookies ordered for a senior graduating from South Lafourche High School. Congratulations Class of 2010!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Softball End of the Season

I made these for my daughter's softball team, who played their last game last night.  They played an awesome game, won the game, and celebrated a super season.  Way to go Bulldogs!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Thanks for the Ride Home" Thank You Bouquets

One of my very best customers asked me to create 4 bouquets to thank the moms who give her daughters a ride home from school. 

I made some cookies for her and her family to thank her for all of the business she does with me.  Thanks, Nikki!

A "thank you" means the same in any language!

Dance Recital Bouquet and Favors

The theme for this recital bouquet was African Jazz.  The client requested pink and brown with animal print.  She gave me some suggestions that went with the dance theme, but pretty much  gave me creative freedom on this one, which is always a good thing!  This is what I came up with. 

She also requested some cookie favors.

Alyssa, hope you had a wonderful dance recital. Congratulations!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jeremy's DSi and Pokemon Cookies


Today was my son's best friend's 12th birthday, and I made this collection of cookies, especially for him, that contains the things he likes:  his DSi and Pokemon.  Happy Birthday Jeremy!  Hope you had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Year Ago......

It just hit me.....!!!  It was at this time of the year, one year ago, when I began this crazy obsession with cookie decorating that has: 

*kept me awake loooonnnnnnggggg after everyone else is sound alseep

*made me into a cookie blog and flickr addict....only to hear my kids say,  "You're still looking at cookies!  Not again!"

*caused me to look at everything in terms of "How can I make
that into a cookie?"

*allowed me to develop friendships with those who share the same crazy passion for baking and decorating....even though I've never met them

*brought mucho satisfaction in the creativity department....I think I like thinking out of the box when it comes to coming up with  a  new design..why use a cutter...that's too easy...create your own design!  Hey, it's a cookie, stupid, just decorate it!  That would save HOURS in the design process stage, and probably would afford more hours of sleep since most of those inspirational hours are pretty late!

*delight in the satisfaction of knowing my little sugary creations have brought joy and happiness to people, and not to mention calories and buttery fat, and sugar and more sugar to peoples'diets!  
*made gift-giving pretty easy.  Who doesn't like a gift you can eat! Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit everyone's tastes!

*made my kids into budding cookie decorators.  It's fun to see what they come up with when they realize there are extra undecorated cookies and I turn over the remaining icing bags to them.

Yes, all of this has come about because of Teacher Appreciation Week last year when I decided that I was going to make the kids' teachers cookie bouquets after finding a brochure for a large chain cookie bouquet company that I some how had picked up many years previous.  I'm not really sure where or why I picked that up and saved it.  Looking back, I guess the hand of God was at work when I picked up that brochure.  It has lead me to outlet for my baking passion, creativity urges, and joy in bringing a little bit of joy to someone else. He knows what he's doing!

Look how far I've come since last year...

I feel the need to apoligize to Ms. LeBlanc, Mrs. Reed, and Mrs. Hollier for using that AWFUL tasting ready made Wilton fondant on these cookies.  I hope the rest of the good-tasting stuff I made for you guys made up for these.  I was so excited how these looked, I didn't bother to taste the stuff!  Needless to say, my cookies taste much better today.  No more Wilton fondant for me!
Even my photography skills have gotten loads better.  What the heck was I thinking taking pictures like this???

Anyway, just a little reflection on my part from then, to now (see post below). 

Happy Cookie Anniversary to me!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Bouquets

An assortment of teacher appreciation bouquets that were ordered for this week.

 I don't know when teacher appreciation was expanded from a day to a week, but it's a good thing. The teaching profession is probably one of the most underappreciated of all professions. So more power to whoever had the idea to celebrate the profession for a week! Can you tell I'm a little biased? Having taught for 10 years, I know first hand the myriad of "little" and "big" things teachers must face daily in order to do their job. While teaching, I always said that each child's parents should be required to spend 1 whole day in the classroom as a substitute teacher!!!! You think some peoples' opinions on the profession would change after that???

Here's to all teachers, past, present, and future who touch children's lives in ways they can't even imagine. You definitley play a HUGE roll in shaping the lives of your students and our future as well. A truckload of gratitude for all you do. THANK YOU !!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Communion at St. Joseph Church

These were made for the kids from St. Joseph Church who made their first holy communion this morning.  Congratulations to all of you as you begin a closer relationship with Jesus.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Golf Cookies

I did these as a donation for the annual fund raising golf tournament that my kids' school puts on.  I made two types of cookie dough...vanilla almond butter cookie.......

and these were made from rolled  chocolate cookie dough. 

Get Well Soon Bouquet

This bouquet was for a high school student who is recovering from surgery on her knee that she injured during a track meet.  She likes the beach and surfing so I incorporated that theme into a Get Well Soon bouquet.

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