Friday, October 15, 2010

Cookie Swap Cookie

Several cookie artists got together and started a group of like minded decorators on flickr.  The name of the group is "Cookie Queens".  An invitation to the group is given by the administrators.  I'm humbled and honored to be among those invited to join in the group.  We recently had a cookie swap among some of the members.  I participated in it,  my first swap, and it was a blast!  Can't wait to do it again!  It was kinda like waiting to open Christmas presents!!  It was a "secret swap"  with only the swap organzier having knowledge of which "queen" had who.  The rules were simple:  2-3 cookies of your ultimate best, decorated in any theme, shipped to your "cookie queen" using 2-3 mail service.  We had 23 participants, some as far as Canada and Australia!  My cookies went to the fabulous Aileen of 'A Master Creation', all the way to California.  She is a fantastic cookie decorator with super creative ideas!  Here are the cookies I made for her.

 And these are the beautiful cookies I received from my "secret cookie queen".

Gorgeous, huh? Only it's not a secret anymore. These were made by the talented Alison of Ali Bee's Bake Shop Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but also the palette! Check out her blog, she does fabulous work!

LSU Cookies

Finally got the chance to make some LSU cookies.  Been wanting to do these for a while, and got the chance for an engagement party.  The couple are big LSU fans, as are the majority of people breathing in south LA.  Funny thing though, ever heard of so much "po-tan" (Cajun word for commotion or trouble) about an undefeated team?  They just keep on winning, I don't know how, but everybody wants Coach Les to go "miles" away from Baton Rouge.  Go figure!
     Anyhow, here's my version of LSU football cookies.

Halloween Mini Cookies

These cute little boogers were so much fun to make!!  And quick too!  I think I want to start making more of the mini cookies.  They are the perfect "one little bite".

 These are the same cookies as the previous ones only on a different background.  I couldn't decide which one I preferred, so I used both.

This little spider web and spider where ooooh, soooo much fun to make.  I just had to take a closeup!!

Fall Cookies and Bouquet

Each September, my children's school holds a Grandparents Celebration in which they honor all of the contributions that grandparents make in the lives of their grandchildren.  This celebration takes place on two days.  On day one, grandparents are invited to spend an hour visiting in the classrooms with their grandchildren.  This is a wonderful experience for both them and the kids.  As a former teacher, I looked forward to this visit as much as the students did!  Grandparents are filled with so much knowledge and a genuine love for their grandkids, and fill the classroom with an air of excitement that is unrivaled.  Following their visit, they are treated to a reception in their honor that is held in the school cafeteria.  It has been my pleasure to coordinate this event for the past three years.  I, and all of my mom helpers, look forward to this event every year.  We added a new twist this year, and gave away door prizes.  A couple of moms made beautiful fall arrangements to give away.  I made a cookie arrangement!  All of the prizes were well received by the recipients. 
     On the second day of the Grandparents Celebration, all grandparents are invited to the weekly school mass to a celebration of the liturgy in their honor. 
      Here is a close up of the cookies in the bouquet.

 I really like the way this one came out.  This is a wet on wet marbling technique with a super high-tech instrument.......a TOOTHPICK!!!!  Cool, huh!

These are some more fall themed cookies I made for the reception. These were part of the dessert buffet.

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