Friday, October 15, 2010

Cookie Swap Cookie

Several cookie artists got together and started a group of like minded decorators on flickr.  The name of the group is "Cookie Queens".  An invitation to the group is given by the administrators.  I'm humbled and honored to be among those invited to join in the group.  We recently had a cookie swap among some of the members.  I participated in it,  my first swap, and it was a blast!  Can't wait to do it again!  It was kinda like waiting to open Christmas presents!!  It was a "secret swap"  with only the swap organzier having knowledge of which "queen" had who.  The rules were simple:  2-3 cookies of your ultimate best, decorated in any theme, shipped to your "cookie queen" using 2-3 mail service.  We had 23 participants, some as far as Canada and Australia!  My cookies went to the fabulous Aileen of 'A Master Creation', all the way to California.  She is a fantastic cookie decorator with super creative ideas!  Here are the cookies I made for her.

 And these are the beautiful cookies I received from my "secret cookie queen".

Gorgeous, huh? Only it's not a secret anymore. These were made by the talented Alison of Ali Bee's Bake Shop Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but also the palette! Check out her blog, she does fabulous work!

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  1. Wow your Cookies are Awesome-- I found you through Karen's Cookies- I Found her site by accident but am glad i did. I have never had any luck making decorated sugar cookies. My royal icing cookies never looked professional- always a bit sloppy and amateurish. Then I tried Karen's meringue buttercream and followed her tutorials and wow - I made really nice halloween cookies this year. Anyway I was reading a bit about you on the boards at Karen's cookies and I think I read that you got the cookie bug last summer. I think I have it now too. I want to try your high humidity revised version of Karen's Buttercream because I live in South Florida. Anyway I just wanted to say Hi - I'm Deeny (real name Deana pronounced like Deena) I also saw some Catholic links on your site. Are you yourself by chance Catholic- I am a new Catholic convert from Fundamentalism - Confirmed and received into full communion in Nov. 2007 I have my conversion story on my blog
    Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and that your cookies are beautiful.


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