Monday, November 8, 2010

Patriots, Fleur de lis, and More Halloween

It's been waaay tooo long since I last posted some pictures, so here's a bunch!

No, I haven't changed loyalties to the home team!  These were obviously for a New England Patriots fan.  I still have memories of that game last season, Monday night, November 30, Saints 38 Patriots 17!!!  That was a GAME - if you were a Saints fan, that is!!

 These were done for an event designer,  Sandra Downie of Sandra Downie Event DesignsShe  specializes in Couture Dessert Tables. ;  She was designing her Rustic French Country Thanksgiving table and needed some fleur de lis cookie pops.  This is the design she requested.   You need to check out her site and her blog!!  The pictures of weddings she's done are UNBELIEVABLE!   She did a feature post about me on her blog.  Here is the link to the post about my cookies:
 Looking forward to seeing the complete table set up with MY COOKIES!!!

This was a birthday bouquet ordered for a dear friend by her daughter.  Her mom likes shopping and girly things.  Hope your birthday was a great one, Karen!

My daughter was invited to a Halloween birthday party for one of her friends.  As the hostess told me, "The party took on a life of it's own!"  What was intended to be a Halloween themed bday party, evolved into a Halloween EVENT!  Complete with haunted elevator, haunted hay ride, haunted skits, etc.  She said people were calling her to volunteer themselves for the haunting.  She had 16 ADULTS helping her out.  They even told her what they plan to do next year!  Now, who was the party for again........????
Anyway, she asked me to make some 'thank you' cookies for the adult partygoers, ahem...volunteers. 
 She also had some contests for the kids, and as a prize, they received a big pumpkin cookie!
 An assortment of Halloween themed cookies that got made over and over several times this Halloween.  That week had me making close to 300 cookies!!  Not all Halloween, but the majority was.

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