Monday, May 31, 2010

Message to BP & the President

Not the best of photos or designs, but it is intended to get the message across.

Having spent all of my life along the Louisiana gulf coast, I have enjoyed countless hours, days, .....years enjoying the fruits of the Gulf of Mexico - be it fishing, eating the seafood, or enjoying the sand and surf - and appreciating the beautiful variety of wildlife that inhabits the land and sea. Having to watch the current devastation taking place in the gulf and along our coast, and the destruction of everything that I hold so dear, is both heartbreaking and personal. As a child, my summers were spent enjoying all that the gulf and the surrounding beaches and marsh so abundantly gave to us. As an adult, I continue to love all of those things associated with living near the coast, and have instilled that love and appreciation into my children. Their summers too, revolve around going to the beach, fishing, crabbing, going shrimping, and enjoying those things that I did in my childhood. To know that this summer, and untold others, will not involve those things that are so much a part of our culture and way of life is unimagineable, and brings much sadness. Not knowing how, or when, this horrific assault on our marshes, beaches, and for many, their livelihoods, will be corrected is sickening. All one can do is put it in the hands of our Creator, and hope that He will be merciful in healing all that ails our world. Please pray that those involved with stopping this leak, and cleaning up the mess, will find the wisdom and knowledge to do so.

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