Friday, February 18, 2011

The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen.....Gourmet Food Decorating Pens, that is, from AmeriColor.  If you've never used these little tubes of wonder, you don't know what you're missing....especially if your cookie project calls for fine detail.

Sometimes it's the only thing that will do the job when the detailing is what's going to make the cookie.  I rely on my decorating pens often......especially the black.  In fact, I own 3 of the black pens.  The other pens are very colorful, but really, the majority of the time details just scream for BLACK.  I guess that's why you can get black in a 2 pack....for me, it's the most used of all the colors.   And, it's just like using a marker.

My decorating pens were indispensable on this project!!  The same effect would not have been as effective with a piping bag.....even with a #1 tip.

I used red and pink on the cat's mouth.  Much easier and more precise than piping the color in.

You can find Americolor Food Decorating Pens at Karen's Cookies  in the 10 color pack, and the 2 pack of black
Give 'em a try if you've never used them before.  You'll be surprised at all the things you can do with them. 


  1. Dr. Seuss would be so proud. WOW!

  2. I am attempting to do some Dr Seuss cookies soon too, maybe I will make some extra to play with the markers! These are awesome!

  3. These are fantastic! I totally agree about the pens. I just got mine from Karen's and I am in love with them!

  4. Thank you, all! Y'all are too kind!!

  5. Would you consider making the Cat in the Hat cookies and selling them?


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