Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secret Cookie Swap Part 2

OK, so the cat's out of the bag.....but I don't think it was in for very long!!
I knew who sent my cookies when I first opened them up.  There was only so many participants from CANADA....and only 1 who sends cute little notes on a precious panda card.  Yes, my wonderful queen was the fabulously talented Nancy of 'Sweet Pudgy Panda'.

Please go and visit her unbelievable creations. Here are the links to her fb page and her flickr photostream:

I had the pleasure of designing cookies for the ultra talented Kim, aka Sugar on flickr, who has such a unique style of decorating cookies that is completely her own.  She uses buttercream, as in cake buttercream, to decorate her unbelievable cookie creations.
You just have to go to her flickr photostream and have a look for yourself.....then you'll know why I felt a tad bit intimidated making cookies for her.

I'm glad I decided at the final hour to participate in the swap because it gave me the motivation to design these, which I had been putting off.  These are the cookies I sent to Kim, who , by the way, is from Colorado........So, I know 'dare ain't no Mardi Gras over dare, cher'. (It's not misspelled, that's Cajun for There isn't any Mardi Gras over there, cher(is a term of endearment pronounced sh-a [a makes the short a sound]).
So besides cookies, I sent her some background info on Mardi Gras traditions and the meaning behind the cookies, and of course I sent her some Mardi Gras beads!

And a close up......


  1. Wonderful! I've been waiting for someone to do Mardi Gras cookies :-) They are beautiful!!

  2. Thank you! I've been waiting to do them too....the cookie swap kind of forced me to hurry up and do them!

  3. Found you through Glorious Treats. These Mardi Gras cookies are FABULOUS - better than anything I've seen here in the city. Beautiful work! :)


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