Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Beginning.........

Thus begins my journey in the world of cookie
decorating.... It all began 2 months ago while cleaning out my cookbook cabinet when I came across a brochure for cookie bouquets that I somehow acquired several years ago, where, I do not remember.
It was about the time of teacher appreciaion week

and I remeber thinking, "I can do that." I did, and
the rest is history!

I began with bouquets and individual cookie favors, and have begun doing cookie trays, which I
thoroughly enjoy.

Being one with a 'need to know', I've researched
an abundance of techniques and how to's in the
art of cookie decorating. Yes, it really is art in the form of a cookie. I've tried several types of decorating techniques and styles and
each has its own unique qualities. The design possibilities of a single cookie cutter are really endless and limited only by the imagination.

I'm enjoying the creative outlet that a little bit of dough and icing is providing. I get a lot of inspiration from other cookie artists and it's amazing to see some of the things they come up with.

I will be posting pictures of my work to share with whoever's interested and to document my progress as I go forward.

God has blessed me with artistic ability and a love of baking which gives me great joy, and I hope to bring honor to him by sharing the gifts he has given me to bring a little bit of joy to others.

So, here I go!

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