Sunday, July 25, 2010

High Seas Adventure, Baby Shower, 5 Years Cancer Free

A variety of cookies this week........

My kids look forward to vacation bible school every summer.  So do I.  It's fun, lots of activities to keep them occupied, breaks the monotony of the summer boredom that has set in at this time, and most importantly, it has a way of teaching them, on their level, about God's word.  My oldest was excited because he got to be one of the staff helpers this summer.  I volunteer to help out as well, and the organizers so graciously place me in the arts and crafts department!  I wonder why??  That's right up my alley, and I totally LOVE it!! 
Anyway, this year's theme was High Seas Expedition.  The decor, lessons, and crafts were all related to ships, the sea, and adventure at sea.  Of course, I volunteer to make cookies for the culmination on Friday.  We usually have about  30-40 kids.  This year, our numbers grew, a lot!  I think the total I made was 101 cookies.  Doesn't sound too bad, unless unforeseen THINGS prevent you from staying on schedule and you end up decorating 101 cookies in one afternoon/evening (Thursday - when they're needed on FRIDAY), and then have to bag each one early the next morning because your schedule is off and they need time to dry!  Thank goodness for fans and heat lamps for speeding up drying time.

Regardless, the kids loved them, and I did have fun making them even though it was a rush job.

 Also due for Friday, was an order for baby shower cookies.  The gender of the baby is not known, so the theme was  gender neutral baby blocks/animals.  This is my interpretation of the shower invitation.

I decided to spell out the family name of the baby with the blocks:  Baby LEFORT.  I think it came out kind of cute.

One of my son's classmates celebrated his birthday Saturday.  Not only was he celebrating turning the age of 12, but he was also celebrating  reaching the milestone of being cancer free for 5 years!   Nick was diagnosed with a tumor on his kidney at the age of 7.  He courageously went through surgery to remove that kidney and the chemotherapy that followed.  He was going to second grade at the time.  Even though he had to go through all of this, he still managed to keep up with his school work and successfully complete second grade.  He is an inspiration to all who know him, and is such a sweet, loveable child.  I made this bouquet for him.

May God bless you with many, many more years of freedom from that dang disease!


  1. Wow! You are just crazy good! All of your creations are beautiful!

  2. Its nice idea and these character are nice.Well done.pooh baby shower


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