Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Fun Day At St. Joseph Church

Every year, the Sunday following Easter is designated as family fun day at our church parish of St. Joseph. I was asked to make 100 cookies for this event. I had intentions of making these early in the week, but the kids were home on Easter break plus I had 2 other orders to fill.  Needless to say, it was last minute, so the designs were kept simple.

These two designs were the brainchild of fellow friend and expert cookie decorator Callye of Sweet Sugar Belle.  Her work is simply breathtaking!!  Such creativity goes into her work, and she cranks out platter after platter of unbelievable cookies nonstop!  She's like a one woman factory!!  She's one of my biggest cookie idols!

This is what 100+ cookies looks like.  I still can't believe I finished them in one evening-night-wee morning hours.  That's why the design was kept simple.

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