Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am Blogging!!

Yes, it's me.....back to blogging.   Can't believe it's been 3+ months since I last posted!
Instead of trying to play catch up with all the new things that I've done over the past months, I'll just start new here, and post the catch-up stuff as we go forward.

Thanks for being patient  as I try and get this blog in gear, again.  I've developed a new-found respect for bloggers who keep it going regularly.  Blogging is a lot of work and dedication, and I admire those who find a way to keep their blogs current!!  More power to 'ya!

Well, let's get started with the latest.......

Princess cookies fit for a little princess.

Every little princess has to have her favorite princess with her to celebrate her 3rd birthday.  And when there are twin little princesses turning 3, well.....they both have their own favorites.  One loves Belle, of Beauty and the Beast, while the other fancies Sleeping Beauty........

I'd love to be able to see the look on the twin princesses' faces when these arrive.  I'll just have to be content with the words of their mother......  " the sweet smiles that will light the world when my girls see them ! "

This little comment justifies why I do what I do.  It justifies spending a lot of time reasearching to find clip art and graphics to give me inspiration.  It justifies hand cutting shapes to make the perfect design I want, because there isn't a cutter that's the right shape.  It justifies mixing up 7 different shades of icing to get the right colors to match a princess' ensemble.  It justifies spending way too much time working on one cookie to get it just right.  And certainly justifies staying up waaaaay past anybody with sanity's beditime.

One little comment like that makes it all worthwhile.  That's why I do what I do.


  1. These are wonderful, the princess cookies are just fabulous!! It's great to see you're back!!

  2. Your cookies are always so gorgeous and amazing. You're right about all that we do for that little bit of excitement. The good thing is that we enjoy what we do. Considering how much time it takes and lack of sleep, but so fun when my family or friends get so excited about them! Love your cookies and love that your back to blogging!

  3. What a great assortment of cookies to do for your *Back to Blogging* post! Love them all.

  4. I just adore your Belle and Mrs. Pott's cookies....from my favorite Disney movie. On another note, I have contemplated starting a blog, but as you mentioned, it seems so overwhelming due to the time commitment involved. So, for now, I'll continue enjoying posts from you and others like you who so dedicatedly devote their time to sharing. Thanks!

  5. Love your crown! So beautiful and delicate! glad you're back!

  6. I'm glad you are back to blogging. I'm a fan on facebook, too! These princess cookies are PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing and I'm excited to keep reading more posts in the future!!

  7. YAY!!! These are "freaking" awesome, KAY...

  8. Oh my word... These are AMAZING! I love how accurate the princesses look!!


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