Monday, July 18, 2011

Anniversary Week

Today, July 18, marks the 1 year anniversary of the opening of my Etsy shop.
It has been a wonderful first year filled with many blessings.
To help in the celebration of this milestone, two lucky people will be the recipients of 1 Dozen Cookies of their choosing!!

Here are the 'cookies of choice' of the lastest winner of one of my giveaways.......

The winner of these decided to give her winnings to her husband for his birthday.  She told me that he was a big fan of Marvel Comics.  I never dreamed Marvel Comics characters were so numerous.  I chose these because they looked more 'cookie friendly'.  By that meaning.....easier to do!  Besides, these are the more familiar of Marvel Comics characters.

Little did I know that I was making cookies for an illustrator and graphic artist!  Talk about pressure!

.....but I guess I passed the test........
His response, " As a professional illustrator and the lucky person to receive these as a birthday present from my lovely wife, I can tell you they are works of art to behold and delicious. Amazing work, well done, thank you."

Said his wife......"Thanks again Kay for making his birthday terrific!!! Its been a tough year but you just made it totally perfect!!"

That makes it all worthwhile for me :)

So now you have 2 chances to win some cookies to make someone else's day too.....or maybe make your day!

For all of the details for your chance to win, go visit Mrs. Robinson's blog by midnight this Thursday, July 21 to enter for chance 1 .....and for ANOTHER chance.......Noelle and Kerry over at Sweet Crafts and Cakes are sponsoring a 'sweet giveaway' of my cookies.  Their giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, July 22.  Go check them out for all the details.

And finally, starting today until Friday at midnight, purchase any listing in my Etsy shop and receive an 18% discount!  Simply use coupon code ANNIVERSARY1 at checkout.

Thank You for a fabulous first year!!


  1. These are some awesome cookies!! You nailed all the characters!! They look like they came right out of a comic book!!

  2. Oh my gosh.. These are AMAZING! Wow, they look just like the real characters! LOVE!

  3. Amazing and awesome for sure. :)
    MORE POSTS please.
    You're so gifted. Do you use a KopyKake projector? Wish I had one......I so need the help. LOL.


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