Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

I'm back to blogging....again.
It's been so long since I last posted anything, I'm embarassed to say....I ALMOST FORGOT how to log in and write a post!!!

I think my blog must be saying.....who the heck is this!!!!
I'm getting the hang of though.

So several hundreds of dozens of cookies since that last post.......(reason why I haven't been posting)  brings me to today's post.  I won't even try to catch you guys up to what all's been happening cookiewise since then.  Instead, I'd like to ask you, my faithful followers....(if there are any of you left!) help me to help spread a little Christmas cheer to some of our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

God has so abundantly blessed me this year with an amazingly successful business that I am so passionate about, and I want to share my blessings with those in need.....those who have fallen on hard times.....those who are quite deserving of a little Christmas cheer.

What, you may be asking, do I need of you?  I'm asking for your help to nominate some deserving individual/family, who is in need this Christmas season, to be the recipient of a gift of one of my Christmas cookie collections. 

I will randomly select 5 deserving people/families from comments left here on my blog, and on my facebook page, to receive a gift of my Christmas cookies.  Leave me a comment, telling me why your special nominee is deserving of some special cheer this Christmas.

I will accept nominees until midnight, CST, on December 15. 

In your comment, please provide your email address so that I can notify you if your nominee is the winner.  Cookies will be shipped to arrive prior to Christmas directly to winning nominees if I am providred with a shipping address.  If the address is unknown, then they will ship to you, so that you can present them to the winner yourself.

Thank you for helping me to help make someone's Christmas a little bit sweeter.


  1. This is so lovely of you to do! Your cookies are beautiful and I LOVE that you are giving them to someone who needs a little Christmas cheer. I know this giveaway is about telling somebody's story but I would like to nominate my MIL without giving too many details. Some trials are personal and too close to be shared so soon, but rest assured, she really does deserve some of these delicious treats.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a lovely gesture.

    I am nominating my mom. My dad was killed in a motorcycle accident in June, just a mile from my sister's home, which was his final destination. WIth my brother and I stationed on the East Coast (<3 the US Navy) it's been difficult to not only face the loss of the love of her life for 30 years, but to take on the daily running of our small ranch. She has had a rough time this year and it would be nice to put a smile on her face, if only for a little bit.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. We have missed you. I would like to nominate the family of one of my seventh grade students. He recently moved to Buffalo from Brooklyn and had to leave behind everything. He is in seventh grade and living in an apartment with no bed and he has only couch cousins to sit/sleep on. His family could really use something special! My email is and this would be awesome for him and his mom.

  4. Nichole~ please send me an email address where I can get in touch with you!



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