Thursday, January 6, 2011

16th Birthday Cookies

It's one of those milestones of childhood........One that brings both joy and a bit of sadness to parents.  When their baby girl turns '16'!  It's a time that makes a parent remember that just yesterday was her..... first smile, first tooth, first words, first steps, first birthday, first day of kindergarten.......Fast forward 16 years later, and a parent wonders, 'What happened to my baby girl?  She's all grown up!'  Well, not 'all grown up', yet!  But it's coming, sooner than one realizes. 
When asked to make this set of cookies for a beautiful young lady celebrating this momentous of  birthday occasions, it set me to thinking that in only 6 short years, I will be in the same shoes as this parent!  Am I ready for that?   NOT!!!!  I guess I have 6 'short' years to prepare!


All of these were cookie pops.  The mom requested them this way in order for her to use some of them to decorate her cake.  She cut them to length and inserted them into the cake.  She used the remaining cookies to make two table arrangements on the cake table.


  1. These are gorgeous, Kay!!! I love them! As far as the kids growing up, nature is kind and gives us ages 12-15 for us to be more than ready for them to grow up and move out! LOL! :) Incredible cookies!

  2. These are amazing! I wish I had something this cute when I turned 16 :)


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