Friday, January 7, 2011


No new cookies today, just bringing back some from the past in order to give a 'shout out' to the home teams.  The LSU Tigers are playing in the Cotton Bowl tonight, taking on Texas A&M.   GEAUX (GO, for those not familiar with the Cajun interpretation of the verb go) TIGERS!!! 

Secondly, our beloved home team, the New Orleans Saints, are traveling up to Seattle to take on the Seahawks in an NFC Wildcard game tomorrow afternoon.  Hey, Reggie, if 'ya listnin'.....'Ya need to step it up BIG TIME tomorrow, dude!  What with the 2 leading rushers out for the remainder of the playoffs, Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, it's gonna be on your shoulders!  Show us some of those moves 'ya had at USC!!  Bring it on!!"

In reference to the recent unexplained findings of massive numbers of dead birds, I saw this explanation posted on facebook.  No doubt, it came from a Who Dat fan!!

Figured out the dying bird thing... God is a Saints fan and he is telling us that birds are going down... Seahawks, Falcons, Eagles, Ravens... in that order... mark it... WHO DAT!!!!!!!!

I guess that says it all! 

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  1. Love your Saints collection! Especially your helmet and state cookies! Such great detail on the helmet.


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