Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Cookies and a Late Christmas Gift

As is the norm, my husband always waits until Christmas Eve to go Christmas shopping.  I knew I was included on that 'short' list he has when my kids starting asking if I needed a new coffee maker about 5 days before Christmas!  No, got one of those last year, don't need a new one.  So, I told them to tell daddy, momma wants a new, bigger,  KitchenAid
mixer. So off they go in search of one on Christmas Eve.  Yeah, right!  Didn't find the one I wanted, so my husband says to find the one I want and he'll pay for it.    It was a good thing that they didn't find 'the one', because I DID, and boy did I get a great deal!  Nothing like getting exactly what you want, on sale, free shipping, and a rebate to boot!  JACKPOT!!!
Here is my new mixer.........
Found it at Amazon......retails for $ it for $311.60.....FREE SHIPPING (good thing, it weights 30#!!).....and KitchenAid has a $50.00 rebate on his baby!  So do the math.......$261.60.  I'd say that husband's procrastination definitely benefitted him this Christmas!
So, the kids were dying to try out mom's new toy.....they had to use it right away.....before me!  They all gathered around to make, what else......chocolate chip cookies!  I think they enjoy the dough raw more than they do cooked!
Here are the best three gifts I ever received!!!

And the fruits of their labor........
They looooove homemade chocolate chip cookies! Funny thing.....I love those puffy chocolate chip cookies as opposed to the flat ones that always result when you follow the Toll House recipe for chocolate chip cookies to the 't'.  While my oldest was making them one day, he melted the two sticks of butter instead of using them softened, and guess what resulted.......puffy chocolate chips.  Go figure!  I never would have imagined melted butter would make them puff up!  'Ya never know!
Here are my first batch of cookies with the new mixer.....actually, my first batch was a double batch.  That mixer tackled that mess of dough with ease.  I was able to cut out 100, yes 100, assorted size cookies from that one batch.   Talk about timesaving. 

It also made a double batch of icing, too, to decorate those 100 cookies!  AMAZING!
More pics of the rest of the 100 cookies in a later post, and......another late Christmas gift!



  1. Love your melted butter cookies, this is how people come up with new recipes!
    Love your new mixer!Wow 100 cookie from one batch,wow that is amazing.

  2. What a great gift! And I just adore those sweet little rosy cheeks on those cookies. You have incredible detail!

  3. Wow, this is great news for me too! I have this mixer and didn't know I could make a 100 cookie batch. Right now I have made 100 cookies in three batches because that's the recipe I had. I have at least 100 more to go for this Friday's Drop in and Decorate Valentine's party and I'm running out of time. How much flour went into your double batch?

    By the way, I found you via U. of Cookie > Ali-Bee's Bakeshop > here!


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